History of the Sport Stars Fishing Championship

The event started at a small fishery called Shepherds Way Lake in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire in 2013. The Sport Stars Fishing Championship has already gained considerable pace. It is recognised as being an enjoyable fundraising event, attracting many well known personalities from sports, music and television.

After holding the event for two years at Shepherds Way and with numbers growing the event had outgrown the fishery. So in 2015, the third Championship was held on Blunham Lake, a larger, mixed species lake on the well known Manor Farm fishing complex in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. In 2018 and 2019 the event was held at Gold Valley Lakes in Aldershot. Since 2020 the championship has been held at the beautiful Tunnel Barn Fishery in Warwickshire.

People who have fished in the event include,

PDC world champions Phil Taylor, Gary Anderson, Rob Cross & Adrian Lewis, Boxing world champions Anthony Crolla, Glenn McCrory, Kell Brook, Darren Barker, George Groves, Josh Warrington, Robin Reid, Terri Harper & Nicky Cook, 6 time Snooker World Champion Steve Davis OBE, 3 time Snooker World Champion Mark Williams MBE, Matchroom and PDC chairman Barry Hearn, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, Olympic decathlete Dean Macey, Rugby World Cup winner Stephen Thompson MBE, Matchplay Champion Rod Harrington, World ranked heavyweights Dillian Whyte & Dereck Chisora, 9 time PDC major champion James Wade, Premier League star Stephen Bunting, Actor Jake Wood, Musician Dappy, Rugby League stars Jamie Jones Buchanan, Josh Charnley, Dom Crosby & Tom Briscoe. Fishing presenter Ali Hamidi, Football and Darts presenter Jacqui Oatley MBE, ITV racing presenter Matt Chapman, Former darts star and TV personality Bobby George, European Super Bantamweight Champion Spencer Oliver, WBO International Champion Mark Prince OBE, BDO World Champion Scott Mitchell, 10 time BDO Ladies Champion Trina Gulliver MBE, Netball International Pamela Cookey, European Welterweight Champion Sam Eggington, British Super Middleweight Champion Paul Smith, Professional angler Steve Collett, PDC pros Darren Webster, Ian White, Steve Brown, Richie Howson, Ronnie Baxter and former PDC pro and now TV commenator Chris Mason, Jockey Hayley Turner OBE, International footballers David Seaman MBE & Jimmy Bullard, 2003 Rugby World Cup winner Steve Thompson MBE & rugby union international Micky Skinner.

Champions of 2022
Team Rich Energy OMG
Winner Team Rich Energy OMG


Terri Harper, Ali Hamidi, Kell Brook & Spencer Oliver

Team Matchroom
Runner Up Team Matchroom


Barry Hearn OBE, David Seaman MBE, Eddie Hearn & Adam Rooney

Team Target
3rd Place Team Target


Garry Plummer, Adrian Lewis, Lorraine Winstanley & Rob Cross

Team Wickman
4th Place Team Wickman


James Wade, Gary Anderson, Bobby George & Owen Coyne 

Champions of 2021
Team Matchroom
Winner Team Matchroom

Barry Hearn O.B.E. (Team Captain)
Oliver Slipper
Adam Rooney
Steve Dawson

Team Topline
Runner Up Team Topline Team:
Terri Harper (Team Captain)
Ali Hamidi
Solomon Dacres
Scott Mitchell
Team Target
3rd Place Team Target Team:
Rob Cross (Team Captain)
Garry Plumber
Adrian Lewis
Tony O'Shea

Team Rich Energy
4th Place Team Rich Energy

Jamie Jones Buchanan (Team Captain)
James Wade
Laura Turner
Richie Moore

Champions of 2020
Ian Burns
Winner Ian Burns

Overall weight: 73.25kg 

Shaun Teale
Runner Up Shaun Teale Overall weight: 54.695kg
Adrian Lewis
3rd Place Adrian Lewis Overall weight: 51.245kg
Mark Prince O.B.E.
4th Place Mark Prince O.B.E. Overall weight: 42.87kg
Champions of 2019
Jimmy Bullard
Winner Jimmy Bullard Former footballer Jimmy Bullard won the 2019 Sports Stars Fishing Championship held at Gold Valley Fishery in Aldershot. TOTAL WEIGHT 82.02 LBS TEAM DALROAD
Adrian Lewis
Runner Up Adrian Lewis TOTAL WEIGHT 81lbs TEAM TARGET
Josh Charnley
3rd Place Josh Charnley TOTAL WEIGHT 65.08 lbs TEAM SUPER LEAGUE
Jamie Jones-Buchanan
4th Place Jamie Jones-Buchanan TOTAL WEIGHT 56 lbs TEAM SUPER LEAGUE
Champions of 2018
Steve Collett
Winner Steve Collett

Chairman's Team

Total Weight: 28KG's

Doug Banks
Runner Up Doug Banks

Team Dalroad Norslo

Total Weight: 23.7KG's

Eddie Hearn
3rd Place Eddie Hearn

Chairman's Team

Total Weight: 22.6KG's

Darren Webster
4th Place Darren Webster

Chairman's Team

Total Weight: 21.5KG's

Ian McCulloch
5th Place Ian McCulloch

Team Snooker

Total Weight: 21.1KG's

Champions of 2017
Mark Williams MBE
Winner Mark Williams MBE Total weight : 15lb 6oz
Scott Mitchell
Runner Up Scott Mitchell Total weight : 8lb 9oz
Ian McCulloch
3rd Place Ian McCulloch Total weight: 8lb
Steve Brown
4th Place Steve Brown Total weight: 7lb 10oz
Steve Collett
5th Place Steve Collett Total weight: 6lb 12oz
Champions of 2016
Dean Macey
Winner Dean Macey Total weight: 27lb 4oz
Jason Lovett
Runner Up Jason Lovett Total weight: 24lb 15oz
Steve Collett
3rd Place Steve Collett Total weight: 24lb
Ritchie Howson
4th Place Ritchie Howson Total weight: 23lb 8oz
Ian McCullough
5th Place Ian McCullough Total weight: 18lb 9oz
Champions of 2015
Steve Collett
Winner Steve Collett

Professional angler representing Anglers Mail.

Steve managed to land a total of 17lb 1oz to win the 2015 event.

Ritchie Howson
Runner Up Ritchie Howson

PDC Professional currently playing on the Challenge Tour.

Richie finished in second place just 1lb and 2oz behind the winner.

Doug Banks
3rd Place Doug Banks Guest of our sponsor Dalroad Norslo
Paul Smith
4th Place Paul Smith 2 time challenger for the WBO Super Middleweight Champion of the World, 2 time British Super Middleweight Champion and SKY Sports Boxing Commentator.
Steve Davis OBE
5th Place Steve Davis OBE 6 times Snooker Champion of the World, 6 times UK Open Champion winner, 3 time World Grand Prix winner, BBC Sport snooker presenter.
Champions of 2014
Spencer Oliver
Winner Spencer Oliver 1997-1998 European Super Bantamweight Champion and now SKY Sports Commentator.
Bob Scott
Runner Up Bob Scott Racehorse owner and PDC Director
Glenn McCrory
3rd Place Glenn McCrory Commonwealth Cruiserweight Champion 1988-1989, World Cruiserweight Champion 1989-1990.
Tim Reynolds
4th Place Tim Reynolds Commerical Manager for the PDC
Adrian Lewis
5th Place Adrian Lewis PDC Champion of the World in 2011 & 2012
Champions of 2013
Darren Webster
Winner Darren Webster PDC professional since 2004
Ritchie Howson
Runner Up Ritchie Howson PDC professional since 2004
Jeremy Rose
3rd Place Jeremy Rose Guest of our sponsor Wickman Group
Barry Hearn
4th Place Barry Hearn Chairman of Matchroom Sport, Chairman of the PDC, Chairman of World Snooker
Rod Harrington
5th Place Rod Harrington 2 time Matchplay winner in 1998 and 1999, PDC Director and SKY Sports darts commentator